This is Kate. And this is Kelly.

Who is Kate?

Meet Kate: the girl who inspires us.

It all started in 2006, when Kelly de Vries volunteered in Ghana and met her then four-year-old host-sister, Kate. With her radiant eyes and zest for life, she showed Kelly a different side of Africa to the one she had known before. This girl represents the future children deserve. To improve the prospects of Kate and other Ghanaian children, Kelly started the Meet Kate Foundation, named after the girl who inspired her to do so. 

This is our Meet Kate Academy which we build thanks to your donations!

Our projects

Your donation is in good hands with Meet Kate. Every penny is put to good use!

Meet Kate’s projects are located in the central region of Ghana, in the medium-sized town of Agona Swedru and the little neighbouring village Ekwamkrom. All projects are the result of local initiatives and dreams and are run by
Ghanaian employees. Every project aims
to be financially independent within five
years of their creation. The educational
projects therefore contain sustainable
elements within them to generate
money locally. We also run projects
focussing solely on self-reliance,
like the poultry farm and the cacao plantation.

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Who are we?

Young people passionate about Africa.

Development work is fresh and exciting! At Meet Kate, we believe that embarking on life changing ventures achieved by working together is far from dead and boring. Meet Kate is managed and led by young, enthusiastic people with a realistic view of the world: a positive veiw!. We believe having the right perspective is the only way to make a difference. We would like to introduce ourselves to you.